Review: Last Year: The Nightmare

Slasher flicks have never been my cup of tea. The ritual of hooting and hollering as a masked psychopath disembowels some poorly written, annoying teens rarely resonates in a meaningful way. Championing the villain’s rampage over the protagonist’s plight is a narrative failure, in my eyes, but that’s generally the appeal of these movies — so I’m predisposed to revile Last Year: The Nightmare, given it’s a multiplayer take on the aforementioned slasher genre, on paper. In practice though, my feel

Christmas Eve: What a Perfect New 'Parasite Eve' Game Could Look Like - Bloody Disgusting

Spontaneous human combustion isn’t synonymous with yuletide cheer quite like hanging stockings or drinking eggnog are, despite Parasite Eve suggesting otherwise. Sure, the tale of a New York City cop chasing after a malevolent swarm of mitochondria may not be the most recognizable Christmas story, but hey, if Die Hard counts then so does this. Square-Enix took their experience with RPGs to create a unique spin on the survival horror formula, rather than make yet another Resident Evil clone. Thou

The Resident Evil 2 remake is a gross and truly scary spin on the original's campy horror

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield didn't really have faces back then. I mean, they did, but in the original Resident Evil 2 they were largely identifiable by some wild haircuts and colorful clothing. Their mugs otherwise resembled those of bargain bin action figures. It was 1998. Making up for the lack of polygons with some imagination came with the territory. When the Resident Evil 2 remake releases in January next year, we'll be able to see every bead of sweat on Leon's face and the strands of

Indivisible Preview: Hands-on impressions from PAX West 2018 | RPG Site

Lab Zero Games made a name for themselves with 2012's Skullgirls as it quickly took the fighting game community by storm. Now all these years later they look to make a similar splash into the RPG genre with their new game Indivisible. Featuring the same stunning animation work the studio is known for and a remarkably solid gameplay foundation, Indivisible looks to be a strong sophomore outing despite the fact that the team has never made a role-playing game before. At PAX West 2018, I was able to go hands-on with the action RPG and quickly realized that Lab Zero is creating something special yet again.

Killer 7 Interview - We sat down with Goichi Suda to discuss the return of his cult classic | RPG Site

Few game designers can be ascribed the title of 'auteur' but Goichi Suda is certainly one of them. Over the past decade, he's made a name for himself and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture for their bizarre storylines and unique gameplay. Killer 7 was the game to put his name on the map, and after all these years the game is getting a PC port. At PAX West 2018 we got a chance to sit down with Suda and talk about his life, memories of Killer 7, and his hopes to inspire others.

Torchlight Frontiers Preview: Hands-on impressions from PAX West 2018 | RPG Site

It’s tough to stand out amongst the plethora of isometric action-rpgs, but Torchlight has managed to do so since the first installment. Now with Torchlight Frontiers, Echtra Games wants to bring a shared world and MMORPG-like features to the series. You might hear “shared world” or “MMORPG-like” and start to worry but there’s no need for concern, Torchlight Frontiers is still very much a Torchlight game. At Past West 2018 I got a chance to play the game for myself and came away from it really impressed.

The Good Life: Hands-on impressions from PAX West 2018 | RPG Site

One of the most beloved figures in the game industry is Hidetaka Suehiro, aka Swery, creator of the cult classic Deadly Premonition. A lot has happened to Swery since Deadly Premonition released 8 years ago, but he’s back with his studio White Owls Inc and their new game The Good Life. At PAX West this year, I got the chance to play The Good Life, and it’s everything a fan could want from a Swery game.

Friday the 13th: a Legal Dispute and a Community's Loyalty to a Struggling Game

If 80s cinema taught us one thing, it’s that Jason Voorhees won’t stay dead no matter the lengths you go to try and off him.The iconography instilled in that hockey mask is so thoroughly engraved in pop culture to the point where it’s familiar even if you haven’t seen one of the films.  I didn’t grow up in the 80s, and I haven’t even seen most of the Friday The 13th movies, yet I’m still oddly nostalgic for them.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Interview - 11 Questions about Dragon Quest XI | RPG Site

Dragon Quest has always had a bit of a shaky relationship with the west. While the series certainly has western fans, it never quite took off the way Final Fantasy did. Now Square Enix looks to change that with the North American release of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. With a new PC port and a slew of English voice adding added to the game, it's clear Square Enix is keen on making sure Dragon Quest XI's overseas version has been worth the wait.
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